Effect of Water or Moisture on Hardwood Flooring

People all over the world know that water or moisture in the air are not good for wood products. It affects the longevity and condition of the wood, no matter in which form it has been used. Hardwood flooring is frequently used for home renovation projects, and possible damage of wood expansion can happen because of exposure to water. With moisture in the air, flooring boards expand. But weather does not remain the same at all times and flooring contracts in the absence of moisture.Such regular cycle of contraction and expansion cause the floor to crack or cup in the middle.

In homes, as well as in commercial places, water spilled over the flooring can cause similar damaging effects, especially when it is a large amount of water, such as in a flood. Getting high quality hardwood flooring professionally installed by reputable flooring suppliers is one way to prevent early damage to flooring. But aside from this, flooring maintenance is important for its long life.

Here are some of the common tips you should follow to protect the installed hardwood flooring in your property from water damage:

Immediately Wipe Water off the Flooring

A common path of water leakage to the flooring is through damaged roofs. Especially in rainy weather, such roof damage is a big priority to repair. But to protect the flooring, the homeowners need to immediately clean the water off the floor. Purchasing superior quality hardwood flooring with higher resistance to moisture or water will serve as a long term investment for the property. Still, flooring maintenance is also important.

Prevent Fungus and Mold

When water stays on the top of hardwood flooring or reaches into its base, it may result in mold and fungus. Such wet areas are the most vulnerable spots where mold and fungus grow and create an unhealthy environment within the home. Controlling the wet areas in your home by cleaning off water on floors as early as possible will prevent possible damages to hardwood flooring, such as discoloration, cupping or cracking.

Also, you should take care of the flooring and be careful when cleaning the water away. The use of harsh cleaners on the floors in such situations will also affect the appearance of the flooring.