Five Installation Mistakes Causing Laminate Flooring Failures

Laminate flooring provides homeowners with an excellent choice to update their home and give it an exciting look within their budget. It adds value to a property and is considered to be an ideal choice for those homes in which children and pets also live because laminate is resistant to allergens.

Laminate flooring is available in a wide range of colours and designs, which provides you with an easy option to purchase your choice which enhancing the appeal of your property.

The best aspect of laminate flooring is that it is “Do It Yourself” installation friendly. But, if you want to install laminate flooring yourself, you will have to know the installation process as well as some common installation mistakes. Having all this information with you will help you install the laminate flooring correctly- here are five common laminate flooring installation mistakes:

Ignoring Job Flooring Conditions

You cannot take a location’s condition for granted. Before installation, it is important to understand the humidity, moisture, temperature, and subfloor requirements. As well as learn how to properly install laminate flooring.


There is a common misconception regarding the acclimation of laminate flooring. Some people claim laminate flooring acclimatizes immediately but, the truth is, it takes 2-3 days depending upon the product you have chosen. You should inquire about acclimation from your laminate flooring provider because they will provide the right information as per the specifications of the product.

Expansion Gap

Leaving proper expansion gap is crucial while installing laminate flooring because floor expands and contracts with the rise and fall of temperature. It is generally recommended to leave a gap of¼ inch. but this largely depends upon the space. Be sure to discuss this with your seller- they will suggest the required expansion gap based on the product’s specifications.If you leave an inaccurate expansion gap it will result in buckling.

Expansion Joint

The expansion joint primarily depends on two factors- the climate conditions and the shape of the room. Usually, you can install laminate constantly for almost 40 inches. For a room larger or wider than 40 inches, a t-molding is required. This may differ for the product you have chosen, so it is important to also discuss this with your seller.

Locking System

Several locking systems are there for laminate flooring. You should select one that suits your product the best. You should learn about the locking system properly before installing your flooring.

The best way to avoid any installation related mistakes, you should research and/or consult professional to discuss the installation process about the product you have chosen. As per the specific features of the product and your space, they will provide you the right suggestions.