Eye catching, pulsating, inviting! Some of these are reactions from veterans and owners of Bamboo Floors. They take pride that their home consists of floorings made from Bamboo, one that is quickly replenishable and most eco- friendly. ADVANTAGES OF BAMBOO FLOORING Bamboo Floorings can be used in natural colors or dyed with others. They can […]

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How are Laminate and Hardwood Made

Laminate is an industry made product. It is treated wood but is hugely popular because of it close resemblance to the striking Hardwood Flooring and other natural surfaces.   Laminate Flooring is Done in Four Steps The Bottom Layer is made wholly of Melamine Plastic Layer. It lends dimensional stability to the used Planks. It […]

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Guide to Choosing and Refinishing Floorings

There are various kinds of Hardwood that are grown all over the world. They are grown because of their hardness and high tensile strength. As splendors of nature they command respect and are greatly valued for their beauty and elegance. With a life of over a century, Hardwood can last generations. They signify wealth, legacy, […]

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