What’s New in Laminate Flooring?

Are you wondering what the new developments are in the laminate flooring world, and whether it is worth upgrading? Then read on as we highlight some of the key developments in the sector. More realistic appearance Laminate flooring has come a long way since the early days, where the difference between wooden flooring and laminate […]

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Choosing New Hardwoods to Suit Your Space

Deciding on the perfect interior and furnishings to suit your house, apartment, office, or place of business can be a real challenge, particularly when it comes to the style of flooring. An often-underestimated aspect of interior design, flooring is a great way to tie the theme of a room, or series of rooms together. On […]

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Hardwood Floors- The Best Choice for an Impressive Home

With time, the look & appeal of the places of living seem to fade away & become outdated. This is why people look for renovations to redesign the interiors to a certain extent. But if there’s anything that’s evergreen in its charm & attraction, it’s the hardwood flooring installed to possess a classy aura of […]

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