6 Best Home Flooring Ideas and Options for your Renovation Project

A home renovation project is an exciting time to jazz up your living space and create a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere that you will love to come home to every day. First and foremost, good flooring is an essential element to the creation of a beautiful home. Whether you choose wood flooring, carpet or any other variety, it is vital that you weigh up the options and make an informed decision. After all, flooring is something you do not want to replace very often. Take a read through the six most popular choices of home flooring, presented below, to help you make your decision!

Home Flooring Ideas

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a durable, cost-effective flooring option that is great for families with pets and young children, as it is easy to clean and does not mark or stain easily, taking the hassle out of housework.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a high end flooring choice that will cost more, but last longer than any other type of flooring. Choosing hardwood is making an investment in your home, as it can often add to the market value of your property.


Extremely durable and long lasting, tile flooring is a great solution for areas of your home such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Due to the meticulous work involved, tile flooring can be expensive to install. However, due to their long lasting nature, tiles are an excellent investment for your home flooring.


Carpet is a classic, cosy choice, particularly for homes that are subject to droughts. They insulate rooms and also help to soundproof them. However, carpets can be difficult to keep clean, so try opting for darker colours in case of any accidents.


Another great low cost solution, vinyl flooring is available in virtually any design imaginable. It is easy to install and can be applied to any type of surface. You can purchase different colors; patterns or even marble, wood or stone look vinyl for your floors. Vinyl is also highly moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

Make The Most of Your Originals!

A surprising number of older homes have original wood flooring underneath laminate, or carpet flooring. If you are one of the lucky property owners who discovers a perfectly good wooden floor under your old carpet, why not do a DIY job and bring out its beauty! Whitewash it, varnish it – the choice is yours.