6 Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Are you looking to renew the look of your room with new floors? With different types of flooring available, we can understand that comparing and contrasting them can be overwhelming. So, if you are unsure where to start, listed below are a bunch of reasons why laminate flooring in Vancouver might work to your advantage.

Quick and Easy Installation: One of the primary reasons to consider laminate flooring in your home is that it offers you the ease of installation. That way, it reduces the disruption to your daily living. It depends on the condition of your current floor and if your subfloor is secure, you can at times opt for installing laminate over floors like tile, hardwood, or vinyl. That way, it will minimize the installation cost without having to pull apart the old flooring.

Kid, Pet and Allergy Friendly: Kids and pets can be tough on the floor. While no floor is deemed safe from either, one of the best things about laminate flooring Vancouver is that it has a topical wear layer that makes it scratch-resistant.

Also, this type of flooring is favourite with homeowners with allergies. Dust and allergens, like pet dander, are not able to penetrate the hard surface of laminate flooring. It is the most preferred alternative to hardwood floors.

Cost-effective: Perhaps one of the most amazing benefits of this type of flooring is that it’s affordable. As opposed to hardwood, laminate is a cost-effective option when it comes to installing a new floor in your home. The materials involved don’t cost a lot and labour cost is low due to the simple installation, which make laminate flooring a great choice for every price range.

Styles: You can find laminate flooring available in a wide range of stone, tile, and wood finishes. All of these can be found in various thicknesses, plank styles, colours, etc.

Durability: Laminate is not only a strong and scratch-resistant, but it’s also an extremely durable option to consider for flooring in your home. That’s due to the fact that boards are designed to interconnect, which makes them easy to work with. This flooring is considered the best option for those areas that experience heavy foot traffic and where there are children and pets.

Hypoallergenic: Since there is no place to trap dirt and dust, opting for laminate flooring in your Vancouver home is a smart move. The underlayment provides a barrier to moisture that keeps the floor protected from damage. Also, it prevents mould from sporing.

Ease of installation is one of the biggest benefits homeowners have largely been enjoying, as it’s a popular project for homeowners who prefer to go the DIY way. However, in some cases, it’s best to work with a professional.