All About Laminate Flooring – Quality and Variety

When undertaking home remodeling, or new construction projects, choosing the most suitable flooring type is a daunting task. While there are several different flooring types available on the market, the popularity of laminate flooring has increased many times over in recent times. As a viable alternative to hardwood, laminate floors come with a lot of advantages. Depending on the usage and desires, many homeowners are opting for this flooring alternative and choosing the best design for their project from the incredibly wide range of possibilities.

All About Laminate Flooring

Investing in home renovations, or new home development is a long term commitment and knowledge about laminate floors will help in making a wise flooring decision. Do you know what laminate flooring is and what are the prime benefits? Here are the details you should know about this flooring type.

What Constitutes Laminate Flooring?

This flooring type isn’t just a layer of wood in the form of boards that can be installed upon the sub-floor for an attractive look. It is, in fact, a synthetic, multi layered flooring type which is made up of layers of resin, fiber and wood. The top layers, which create the visual appeal of the flooring boards, are comprised of supreme quality photographs of natural wood and stone patterns, which are well protected with a clear top layer for long term use. The durability of laminate flooring and the incredible variety of designs for modern homes make it the prime choice of many homeowners.

Most Affordable Choice for Wood-like Floors

In modern homes, people prefer to have the clean, natural design of wooden floors installed for a rich and warm look. The natural grain of oak or mahogany, sandy textures, or even the appearance of stone are popular options. Amongst the possible range of flooring types, laminate flooring is the most affordable option, as well as being the most durable. The appearance of hardwood, or slate can be achieved on your floors with this less costly flooring type.

Range of Benefits

People make flooring decisions based on the durability and long lasting beauty of floorings. Laminate flooring has a scratch resistant top layer which protects the surface from damages for long periods and heavy use. Plus, it is resistant to stains and moisture. Excessive maintenance is just not needed to clean and protect laminate floors.

All of these benefits makes laminate flooring a smart choice for any home.