Eye catching, pulsating, inviting! Some of these are reactions from veterans and owners of Bamboo Floors. They take pride that their home consists of floorings made from Bamboo, one that is quickly replenishable and most eco- friendly.


Bamboo Floorings can be used in natural colors or dyed with others. They can be left finished or unfinished most suited to your needs and looks.


Use of Bamboo Flooring:

  • Accordingly the bamboo floors attain their finish and shine in this process. Grooves are made in the bamboo so that they can be clicked and installed.
  • They can be used naturally or stained which usually imparts them the color of wood.
  • The variety that is used for Bamboo Flooring is the Moso variety which reaches upto 60 feet within a few months. It attains maturity in 3 years.

Bamboo Floors can be engineered. After treatment they undergo vertical construction or horizontal construction.

Woven, stranded Bamboo construction is most exotic and environment friendly in Vancouver.

  • The bamboo layers or strips are crossed and treated under intense pressure. They form distinct and nontraditional floors which are most durable. They look wonderful too.

West coast floors are the chosen ones when it comes to Laminate, Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring in Vancouver which is a hit. Bamboo Flooring Stranded woven Exotic Walnut style has that touch of class with amazing depth.