Exotic Flooring and The Elegant Home

One of the best, yet subtle, ways to bring value and luxury to your home or property is through flooring. A beautiful hardwood floor exudes taste and sophistication without being in your face. It is a refined way to add an interior edge and put your property above the rest, in terms of market value and style.

By using exotic flooring you will take your home or property to the next level again. It is is a known fact that because exotic wood is that bit harder to source, it is more desired and exclusive and something that will bring unrivaled elegance to your space. Exotic flooring is tasteful, yet slightly different from your typical hardwood flooring, with a particularly rich and tactile finish along with stunning grain detailing. They are vibrant, yet neutral and can be incorporated into almost any room for a subtle tropical yet sophisticated feel.

There are many types of exotic flooring, each with a distinctive look that is different enough to exude that exclusive aesthetic without being too attention grabbing. Choosing what type you want just depends on the look you are going for in the room. Do you want the floor to be a feature in itself? Then choose something with a unique and eye-catching grain pattern. Or do you want something to blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior? Then choose a rich colour with a smooth finish. There are options for every budget and purpose, with some being more durable than others and some coming in harder to find shades.

Exotic flooring is called so because it is sourced from trees and plants from more exotic areas of the world. Wood can come from Asia, Africa and the Americas and is not seen on trees normally native to Canada and the USA.

Tigerwood is one such example of exotic flooring. It has a unique finish that is not flashy, but interesting and rich in a modern way. It is native to Western Africa and by installing it in your home you will be offering a style that not many people here have.

Bamboo is another style of exotic flooring. Bamboo flooring has a similar feel to hardwood yet is more economical and environmentally friendly given how quickly the plant grows. It also boasts a light and bright aesthetic that looks beautiful in modern properties.

Exotic flooring will instantly update your home or property, giving it an exclusive and luxurious edge.