Five Laminate Flooring Installation Mistakes

When you are going to do something for the first time, this is important to acquire complete information about that, or you may make expensive mistakes. Installing laminate flooring is not an exception. You should study about it before jumping to perform the installation.

To help you do installation rightly, we are sharing five laminate flooring mistakes that people often make and damage the quality of the flooring. Let’s see them.

Leaving Laminate Joints Unsealed In Water Sensitive Areas

When you are installing laminate flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, you cannot do it as you were doing while installing flooring in your bedroom or living room because bathrooms and kitchens are water sensitive areas. This is important to seal the joints properly with laminate flooring sealant so that water or moisture cannot reach under the floor. Many people leave laminate joints unsealed that causes moisture-related damages and buckling.

Tapping Laminate Without Reading Instructions

The modern laminate flooring planks are made to click together. So, you need not tapping them. You should read the instructions regarding using the laminate planks first so that you learn if you should tap or not. If tapping is not required and you do it, you only damage the locking system, so the flooring will not lock properly.

Choosing A Wrong Underlayment Material

Various laminate flooring underlayment materials are available on the market. You should not select just any material, but the best material. You can consider vapor barrier underlayment when laying laminate on concrete. When buying laminate flooring in West Vancouver, you should talk to your seller regarding the best underlayment material. They will suggest you the best underlayment material depending on the product quality and your floor type. Many people don’t pay attention to under layment and make a wrong choice that affects the quality of the flooring.

Not Leaving Proper Gap

Laminate floors expand and shrink during summer and winter; therefore you should leave a proper gap between the flooring planks to avoid buckling. You should read instructions regarding the gap-needed given with the laminate planks. You should inquire regarding the same with product seller. They will provide you with the right information depending on the product quality.

Laying Laminate Flooring On Uneven Sub-floor

The sub-floor needs to be even for your laminate floor to perform excellently. Before installing laminate flooring, you should make the floor even because an uneven sub-floor can cause your laminate floor to flex up and down. Plus, this will damage your locking system. Many people spoil the look of their flooring by installing it on their uneven floor.

Avoiding these simple mistakes, you can rightly install your laminating flooring in West Vancouver.