Four Common Myths About Hardwood Flooring Debunked

Hardwood floors have been used since the 17th century, and as their acceptance and popularity increased, various myths about them have also come into existence. In this blog, we are going to talk about four common myths associated with hardwood floors.

1. You should not use hardwood floors in your kitchen


Many people have this illusion that hardwood floors are not appropriate for kitchens, and they warn others as well against choosing this as a flooring option for their kitchens. They give the reasons that kitchens are heavy traffic areas in every home, kitchens have moisture, and that hardwood floors are prone to scratches. But the truth is you can choose them for your kitchen and they will serve for years with minimal care and maintenance.

2. Hardwood floors need lots of maintenance


You should protect your hardwood floors from moisture. Moisture can buckle and warp these floors, and this is the reason that these floors are not considered to be fit for the bathroom. If you protect these hardwood floors from water damage, then there is nothing to worry about. You can use them for many years with very low-maintenance. Don’t wash the floor, but sweep, vacuum, and damp mop it.

3. Hardwood floors are louder


There is no reality in this thought that these floors are noisy. It cannot be denied that hardwood floors are louder than carpet floors, but they don’t create so much noise that you can call them noisy. An important point to mention here is that the noise in any room depends on several factors, such as how much furniture is there in the room, how many rugs you have in the room, and what type of curtains you are using.

4. Knots, wormholes, and mineral streaks in the hardwood means the wood is defective.


Knots, wormholes, and mineral streaks are quite natural in the hardwood, because the wood is obtained from trees. You should not worry about them. Reach a trustworthy hardwood floor seller and they will sell you only the best option. They will not sell you anything that can harm their business reputation.

You may have heard or may hear many such things about hardwood flooring if you talk to people regarding choosing it for your property. They are not experts. If you want the right advice, you should contact an expert. Reach a hardwood floor seller and the seller will be able to give the exact information about the hardwood floors.