Hardwood Flooring Interior Design Ideas that Impress

Hardwood flooring can live up to your expectations of a countryside home, or a classy minimalist workplace with the careful choice of the right color or texture. Using Oak, White Pine or English Chestnut imparts a traditional look to your home interiors; whereas there are the likes of Teak, Maple, Birch and more for your modern workplace interiors. Once you add the mix of the best design elements, you have awe-inspiring interiors waiting for you!

Hardwood Flooring

Textured Hardwood Flooring

Textured hardwood has a lot of countryside appeal to it. The likes of Mahogany, Oak, Pine varieties, English Chestnut, Spruce, etc., look traditional and are the best deal for your kitchen, porch, veranda, play areas and more. One can complement the textured surface with the addition of rustic and countryside furniture.

The use of borders and medallions is a must for providing that textured look and raw appeal to your wooden flooring.

Contemporary Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors adorn your workplace and business set up like no other! They are classy, sophisticated and add to the overall charm and appeal of a place. You can use the modern style of varieties like maple, Beech, Brazilian Cherry, Teak and Walnut to brighten up the interior décor of your business, or home.

The texture and surface is generally very smooth, with bold and strong colors for modern and chic hardwood flooring. The stronger and bolder the color of the wooden flooring, the more contemporary is the overall look of the interior.

The flooring design for modern homes is generally very simple and neat. There are very few borders or medallions used, if at all.

Add the right kind of furniture, drapes and rugs to your room to complement the color, textures and style of the wooden flooring that you select.