Hardwood Floors are Easy to Maintain

The benefits of hardwood flooring are abundant. One of the first, obvious benefits of hardwood flooring is its natural warmth and ability to add beauty to any decor style.

Many people are intimidated by hardwood as they think it requires much more care and maintenance than it actually does. One of the main benefits of hardwood flooring is its ease of maintenance.
Hardwood flooring will not stain, or hold dirt and unsightly spots the way carpeting does. Hardwood can be cleaned using disposable electrostatic cloth mops, swept, or wiped down with a damp cloth. A deep cleaning can be done once a year or so to remove oils or build up. This can be done with a professional wood-floor cleaning product. Use a product that is recommended by your flooring provider or installation professional to ensure your floors are properly maintained.

Hardwood Floors are Easy to Maintain

Wood flooring is less likely to sustain permanent staining and marking and have the durability and strength stand up to items being dropped on them. The colour in hardwood floors does not fade
over time and, if a colour change is desired, many types can be sanded and re-stained a number times. When cleaned and swept regularly wood floors reduce allergens in the home (as they do not hold onto allergy triggers such as pet hair and dust) and provide a safer, happier environment for those with allergies.

An environmental benefit of hardwood flooring is that it is renewable and recyclable and less likely to end up in a landfill, as they last for years and years when properly maintained. Another of the benefits of hardwood flooring is that wood floors add value to a home and continue to add value over the years. Homes that have been outfitted with hardwood flooring are known to sell faster when put on the real estate market. Their beauty and appeal are timeless

Hardwood floors are simple to install and many tutorials and seminars are available for those wishing to take a do it yourself approach. A reputable dealer will also offer fast, professional installation services with purchase, for those that wish to have it done professionally.

Now that you know the benefits of hardwood flooring, and how easy hardwood floors really are, you may want to take a look at the huge variety, styles and types of wood flooring that are available to choose from.