How Engineered Hardwood Flooring different from Solid Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to cover the surface of the floors of your home or building, you preferably choose wood as the best option. And nowadays, the variety of wooden floorings available in the market covers a broad range. In wooden floorings, basically there are two choices out of which a decision can be made. One is Solid hardwood flooring while the other is engineered hardwood flooring. Choosing out of these two available options is based on the personal perspective which is totally in your hand. Instead, there are some differences between the two, a better knowledge of which will be helpful to you in making a choice.

Engineered Hardwood Floorings

1. How they are made? Solid hardwood are made using a single piece of wood while engineered hardwoods have two or more layers bonded together under high pressure.

2. Physical Properties: Solid hardwood is a complete natural thing that gets affected by the humidity variations existing in the environment. While on the other hand, engineered hardwoods doesn’t get highly affected by the external parameters of weather conditions. However, in both the cases, Relative indoor Humidity level should be maintained.

3. Strength & Longevity of Life: In reference to the durability of life, both solid & engineered hardwoods are equally strong & don’t get easily affected. However, surface corrosion is highly dependent on the type of finishing & not on the fact of whether the hardwood is solid or engineered.

4. Cost estimates: There are several parameters which determine the cost of either type of hardwoods. It cannot be assumed that being an engineered type of Hardwood, it would be cheaper than a natural product. The factors that governs its prices. The size of plank, the quality & cost of adhesives used for layering purpose etc.

5. Design Preference: If you want a real wooden deigns for your flooring needs, opt for Solid hardwoods. Otherwise, you can choose from the variety & range of Engineered Hardwoods.