How to Care for Your Hardwood Flooring

Just as your car demands care from you to give its best performance, your floor does too. If you don’t care for your floor, it will fade away and diminish the appeal of your property. Plus, it will also decrease the lifespan of the floor. So, you should not forget about the floors once they are installed. In this blog, we will share how to care for hardwood flooring in your home.

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Here are some simple suggestions to care for your hardwood flooring:

Avoid High Heels

You should avoid walking on your hardwood floor wearing high heels, because they can dent the surface. If it is possible, make your home a no-shoes, slipper zone, because this will keep your floor germ and bacteria free, which would otherwise enter your home sticking the soles of your footwear. You can install a shoe rack at the entrance with a polite note requesting that people remove and place their shoes on the rack.

Add Felt Pads to the Furniture

Furniture can also dent or scratch the hardwood floor. Therefore, you should add felt pads to the legs of your furniture. However, they will damage the floor only if you use them harshly.

Take Care of the Temperature in Your Home

The ideal temperature for hardwood floors is considered to be between 21-27°C. If you maintain this temperature in your home throughout the year, then you will not notice problems like gaping and buckling.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Dust and debris build-up ruins the shine and appeal of the floor, no matter whether it is laminate, marble, or hardwood. Therefore, you should make sure no dust and debris build-up on your floor. You can do this simply by vacuuming and wiping your floor once every day.

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