How to Choose the Right Kitchen Floor

If you have decided on treating yourself to a new kitchen floor, but aren’t sure whether to choose a hardwood, or laminate option, then this may be the article for you.
Deciding between hardwood and laminate is not a decision that should be taken lightly and improving your knowledge of how to choose the right kitchen floor will allow you to make an informed and hopefully sound decision.

Right Kitchen Floor

In the past, there was a clear line drawn between laminate and hardwood and that was defined by how much money was in your budget. Those with the cash to spare would choose hardwood, while others without the funds would settle for the laminate option. There has been recent shift however, with laminate flooring becoming far better in quality and appearance than previously produced, meaning that the choice has become less clear-cut for the consumer.

So here are the aspects to take into account when knowing how to choose the right kitchen floor:


For many, the durability of a floor, particularly when it is located in a kitchen, is a very important aspect in the decision-making process. Hardwoods are often credited with having a longer life span than laminate flooring, but they do require continual maintenance every few years, depending on how much traffic the floor is likely to get.

If you do choose a high quality laminate flooring, then it can be extremely resistant to wear and tear, allowing it to look just as good as when you first installed it. Durability should be judged more on the quality of the specific laminate, or hardwood flooring in question, rather than looking at the two as one-dimensional separate entities.


The maintenance of both hardwood and laminate flooring is generally quite similar, as you will be required to sweep and vacuum any dirt, along with cleaning any spills that may occur. One of the main differences between the two is that hardwood floors are more likely to become stained by spills of red wine and other coloured substances, while also being prone to scratches and damages from pets and children. However, they can be sanded and refinished if necessary, to make them look new again.


There isn’t much competition in this section, with the installation of laminate floors far easier and quicker than hardwood alternatives. Hardwood floors require a great deal of extra work, though some would argue they are worth it for that authentic wooden feel.
Overall, much of it comes down to your personal preference and budget, so educate yourself and you can make the most informed decision for your situation.