Ideas for Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Deciding to transition from carpeting to hardwood flooring is a fantastic way to reinvent almost any room in the home. Hardwood can take a bland, boring kitchen and turn it into a bright and warm entertaining space in no time. Many people have a hard time choosing a species and color and are in search of some great hardwood flooring ideas. Before taking the plunge and committing to such a permanent change, there are a few basic ideas that will make the switch more successful.

Hardwood Flooring

One great idea to ensure the chosen type and color of wood will go well with a room’s current decor is to bring a swatch of the main fabrics or paints that make up the room to the flooring business. Matching these things to a wood species and color will guarantee that it looks as fantastic as intended in the home. People may be surprised to find that a sharp contrast of dark cherry flooring to all light decor is more appealing, while others may better like a beautiful grey Ash variety with darker blue interiors. It is all personal preference and some won’t know just what they want until they can visualize it.

Another great hardwood flooring idea is to choose a high quality wood that will withstand wear and tear relevant to the use of the room. Kitchens and hallways are generally high traffic areas and need a nice, thick board that is stronger and is resistant to damage. These thicker boards are also esthetically more authentic and pleasing to the eye. It is important to keep in mind that Hardwoods age and the colors change and become more beautiful over time. Asking hardwood dealers about the changes that can be expected from certain woods will be a deciding factor.

One last thing to understand is how well the hardwood flooring will transition into other rooms. It needs to visually flow well between each area. For example, a very dark wood transitioning into a pink or brightly colored carpeted area would create a displeasing sight. Alternately, the floor should contrast well with the surrounding structure, such as a light teakwood if the furniture and walls are generally darker. It is a good idea to choose a style of wood that will complement these transitions. offers luxurious, high quality, hardwood flooring and the staff are happy and eager to offer fantastic hardwood flooring ideas.