Latest Laminate Flooring Design Trends to Try

Many things that add value to the interiors of homes are trendy in nature. And the same is true for laminate flooring. With respect to the changing desires of homeowners, laminate flooring suppliers continue to bring in the latest, modern flooring designs to offer homeowners the best selection. This also ensures that the products they sell are suited to meeting changing trends and desires.

Laminate Flooring
Generally, laminate floors are known for their solid wood-like impression, with added benefits of durability and impressive appeal. If you are looking for the available laminate flooring trends for your next home renovation project, here are some of the common designs and patterns used by residential property owners:

Big Sized Laminate Planks

The look and appeal of the flooring in your home seems extra impressive when there are bigger planks of laminate flooring installed. As a part of creative interior design, longer and wider planks are used to create a unique flooring impression. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers, as well as flooring suppliers, are stocking big sized planks in their flooring gallery. The warmth of stylish, dark shaded flooring, or the soothing appeal of light colored surfaces will make your place look modern and inviting.

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Glossy Laminate Floors

Sparkling, glossy floors are yet another trend of laminate flooring in homes. The glossy finish of flooring does not mean that the surface will be slippery in nature. With modern technology, there is a wide range of laminate flooring available which shines perfectly, but does not make an individual slip on it. This is one of the most common flooring trends in high end homes. But the rates at which this flooring is sold by reputable flooring suppliers in Vancouver makes them affordable for all homes. Want to give your place a luxury look? You can buy this type of laminate flooring and make your floors look attractive and high end.

Gray Toned Laminate Floors

Black color for the floors is not generally preferred by homeowners. However, it gives the home aura a neutral appeal when there is gray-toned flooring installed. It is not something new in flooring trends, but has been found as a major flooring design trend for a very long time, with variations in the texture and finish. You can choose from various finishes and shades of gray-toned laminates for your home to give it a new, sophisticated look.