Professional Laminate Care Tips

One of the first things people visiting your home tend to notice is your flooring. Therefore, it is quite important for you to maintain your flooring to the best of your capabilities. Something tells us that may be are out of ideas about how to do it. Well, don’t worry. We, at Westcoast Floors Ltd are here to provide you with four tips to take care of laminate flooring North Vancouver.

1. Remove the Dust Clouding Your Experience

Over time, dirt & dust accumulates in the small spaces in laminate flooring and can lead to deterioration. A few easy steps to prevent this from occurring include applying dust mop. However, never drench the floor with any fluid or use a steam mop on your floors. Moreover, if you’ve selected a water-resistant flooring product, an occasional damp mopping will do the trick.

2. Eliminate Dirt Before it Gets a Foothold

Dirt makes your floor look dull and less appealing like nothing else. The most reliable method of keeping dirt from decreasing your floors’s shine is to prevent dirt from building up. Something as elementary as putting a long rug or mat at the entrance of the room. Or you can also place them in the high traffic areas. It will work like magic to contain the dirt before it piles on. Moreover, the appropriate rug can help tie the room together.

3. Use the Appropriate Pads

Though laminate is scratch-resistant on its own, a little extra protection against dents and marks can be crucial to help prevent some of the most common damage from moving objects, for example, a kitchen chair. Over time, that back and forth movement can damage your floors and diminish their look. So you can use protective floor pads to keep your floor from such damages.

4. Wax Off, But Don’t Wax On

In contrast to wood flooring, laminate stays more shiny and newer-looking for a longer period of time, and without having to wax or polish regularly. You should never wax or polish a laminate floor. It’s not necessary, so save your time and cash.

These are four basic tips to keep your floor bright for years. If you have more questions to ask, feel free to contact Westcoast Floors Ltd. The professionals will provide quality Laminate Flooring services at reasonable prices.