Guide to Choosing and Refinishing Floorings

There are various kinds of Hardwood that are grown all over the world. They are grown because of their hardness and high tensile strength. As splendors of nature they command respect and are greatly valued for their beauty and elegance. With a life of over a century, Hardwood can last generations. They signify wealth, legacy, traditions and culture. Their use, since ancient times, has inspired generations, particularly children.


First the level of Hardness of a wood is known as Janka Hardness. It is the force required to embed .444 of a steel ball into a log of wood. It measures the resistance of the chosen wood to wear and tear.

Kinds of Hardwood used popularly for Flooring

Hard Maple– has quilted figure grain texture/look. The quilted grain look becomes more vivid when the hard Maplewood is flat sawn.  Its range of color and hue is creamy white to reddish brown. It has 1450 Janka Hardness.

Red Oak
-Light colored wood with Reddish Tone. It is often quarter sawn. Northern Red Oak of the North American variety has 1290 Janka hardness. Southern Oak has 1090 Janka Hardness.

Brazilian Teak- It is grown in South America. It is one of the hardest species of wood. It is light to brown in color. The touch of the Brazilian teak is oily and waxy since its grain is strongly interlocked. It has Janka Hardness of 3540, has higher dimensional stability. Hence, it is long-lasting and durable.

American Black Walnut- It is grown in North America. It has a dark brown to black undertone with shadowing’s of purple. It has Janka Hardness of 1010.

There are three kinds of Refinishing of Floors to restore it to its original form or better.

Sandless Floor Refinishing

This involves deep cleaning and coating of the entire flooring with Wood Solv Urethane. It bears scratch resistance. It does not emit odor andis Eco-friendly. It is most useful for restoring Laminates, Engineered Flooring. It takes about half-a-day to complete the process.

Sanding and Oil Based Refinishing

It involves drum sanding and coatings with Oil Based Urethane. It takes slightly longer, around three hours to be functional. It gives the floor a uniform look.

It has very strong odor; hence, it is important to take precautions.

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