Top Seven Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

Made of manufactured hardwood, laminate flooring is a multilayered hard surface product designed to look like real hardwood but is actually manmade. The top layer is a melamine wear layer with aluminum oxide to protect your floor from scratches. So, if you are worried your children or pets will scratch the floor, you should feel relieved because your floor will be safe from scratches.

Here are seven top reasons to select laminate flooring for your home.

Convenient in Size and Lightweight

Unlike hardwood planks, which come in lengths of eight to ten feet, laminate planks come in the convenient size of four feet. Also, laminate planks are lightweight, so they are easy to transport and carry.


If you want to add hardwood or marble to your home, but you are hesitating to choose them because of their high costs, then laminate is a great alternative. Laminate planks come in a great variety of styles and colours. They can give your floor the feel of hardwood, tiles, or marble, as per your choice and at a fraction of price. So, you can get the desired feel for your home without breaking the bank.


Laminate flooring is a versatile product. It can be installed in any room of your home – your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. On the other hand, hardwood cannot be recommended bathrooms because moisture will ruin them. However, an important point to consider here is, traditional laminates cannot withstand moisture, so if you are choosing laminates for places with moisture, then you should inform the seller about this, so the seller will provide you with advanced, high-quality laminates which are moisture resistant.


When you are going to buy flooring for your home, of course, the thought of its durability is a major concern in your mind. You don’t want to choose any material that will have a short life span and have to reinvest in a short time. With laminate, you can be certain that it will serve you for at least 15-20 years. However, if you want your laminate floor to serve you for so long, then you should not compromise on the quality of the product. You should buy thick laminate that suits your home’s environment. Laminate planks are locked to one another, so in the event of changes in the temperature, laminates easily expand and contract without buckling and snapping against the subfloor.

Easy to clean

Cleaning laminate floors is not a big deal which will give you a headache. Sweep it. Wipe it. Vacuum it. And you are done. Moreover, you need not to do it every day. You can perform the cleaning every alternate day, or as needed. An important thing that you should consider about its maintenance is that you should not let spilled liquid dry. When anything is spilled on the floor, wipe and dry it immediately, as you would with any other flooring.

Health-Friendly Allergy Friendly

Laminates are a health-friendly choice because they resist mold and bacteria and are easy to clean. As mold, bacteria, and dust do not remain on these floors for long, they create a healthy environment in your home.

Easy to Install

Installing laminate flooring is so simple; even you can perform it yourself, with help from online tutorials about laminate flooring installation. However, we don’t not recommend this because you may make mistakes that will waste your time, effort, and money, and you will still have to call a professional to fix it.

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