Underlay for Vinyl Plank Flooring – Prime Benefits

As there are several different kinds of flooring which can be chosen for different areas of the home, it is not possible to say that one flooring type is best for all needs. Aside from the flooring characteristics which make some more suitable for specific areas than others, there are individual desires and preferences which play a part in the selection process too. And the installation method will also play a role. When it comes to the choice of vinyl plank flooring, underlay is recommended by flooring suppliers, as well as installation experts.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are a number of valid reasons for this recommendation. Some people do not like the loud sounds of footsteps while walking on vinyl planks, while others feel they need another layer for additional comfort when walking on vinyl plank floors. Using underlay will also add to the longevity of the floors. If you have planned to choose vinyl plank flooring as a part of your home renovation, you should know about the following prime benefits of flooring underlay:

Compensates for Irregularities on the Floor Surface

When the base surface of the floor is irregular, the installed vinyl planks will not get uniform structure and support. But with underlay as the sub-floor layer, the vinyl planks will be installed on a more even surface, thus improving the overall appearance of the floors. Installing planks on the irregular surface will likely to reduce the life of the flooring, as it will add extra pressure over the planks, so using underlay with vinyl plank flooring will serve as a long term investment in your property.As well, it also provides improved acoustic performance of the flooring. The sounds of footsteps will be absorbed, so you will not heard the echoes of footsteps.

Inhibit Moisture across Floors

In certain regions, moisture from the ground migrates upward towards the walls and ceiling, and high humidity makes everything seem damp. This can make the interiors look wet and cause paint to peel off the walls. Moisture proof underlay is specifically designed to prevent such problems, as it inhibits moisture.

The choice of quality planks and flooring for home renovations should be made while keeping in mind their advantages for several different applications. With the help of reputableflooring suppliers, you can choose from a wide range of flooring designs and types, available all in one place.