What to Look for When Buying Laminate Flooring

Considering giving a new makeover to the flooring in your home? There is no question that the flooring makes up one of the most crucial parts of your house. If done the proper way, it can make your home look stunning.

Looking to get a top-notch quality laminate flooring for your North Vancouver home?

Laminate flooring is a wonderful choice for a homeowner who’s looking to transform his or her home into the most inviting and stunning space. Its durability is something that makes it appealing and convinces homeowners to choose it.

However, there are some important things that you must look for when making your choice of laminate flooring in North Vancouver.

The Thickness of the Board

When you are in the market to buy laminate flooring, you want to make sure that you choose a high-quality laminate that has the ability to endure traffic in the most durable way. Any laminate made of superior quality materials will be comparatively thicker than other flooring types. In fact, it will give a realistic touch to the flooring and makes it more durable. Look for boards that have a thickness of 8mm to 12mm.

What Your Goals for the Space Are

Have a small room? Looking to make it appear larger than its current size? If so, it all depends on the colours and installation pattern, as they can help you change the complete look. You can opt for wider planks as well as lighter colours that will make your rooms (smaller in size) appear not only bigger, but radiant as well.

Know the Type of Traffic the Floor Will Endure

A first-rate laminate is tough enough to withstand severe punishment by a busy household. This is the reason why so many homeowners prefer the installation of laminate flooring North Vancouver in their homes. This kind of flooring is deemed perfect for areas experiencing high traffic. It is also important for you to consider what kind of traffic you are looking at. If you are worried more about dust accumulating on the floor or have pets that shed, then choosing a laminate in a lighter colour will be the best choice to make.

Focus on the Adjacent Rooms

Replacing the flooring in one or two rooms? If so, it’s good to take a look at the flooring in other rooms. Of course, you will not want to settle on flooring that clashes with other floors. Make sure you choose a colour that matches with the ones in other rooms.


Buying premium quality North Vancouver laminate flooring is good, as it’s resistant to wear and tear, but you should not overlook the warranty just in case. You must find out about the warranty the company is offering, and whether or not the installation is covered in the warranty.

Gone are the days when people extensively relied on the use of imitation wood products. But now, with the implementation of the latest technologies and advanced printing techniques, laminate being manufactured today not only is more reliable and appealing, but also cost effective.